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Production flow, from substrate, coating, cutting, packing...
Introduction to the application range of coatings, including entertainment, consumer, optical instruments, military equipment, medical equipment, etc.
How to measure the optical filters and what the spectrum curve mean?
Wave and unit conversion.
Simplified schematic and introduction of optical vacuum coating.
How to improve the penetration rate of transparent glass (acrylic) by coating?
The filter usually has a glass side on one side and a coating side on the other side. How to distinguish?
Principles and Characteristics of Physical tempered glass and Chemically strengthened glass.
Production Conditions and Quality of Coated and Coated Filters.
An introduction to color temperature: units, performance and effects.
The composition, characteristics and application of glass are introduced.
Introduction to the principles, capabilities and applications of AOI/automated optical inspection.
About the types, advantages and applications of laser light.
The principle, advantages and application of Fresnel lens are introduced.
Introduction to ultraviolet light, wavelength range and application.
Introduction to infrared light, wavelength and application.
Introduction to the composition, characteristics, shortcomings, and applications of soda-lime glass.
Introduction to float glass, its advantages and applications.

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