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Sapphire (Sapphire Windows)

Colorless Sapphire (White Sapphire)
sapphire, rocoes
Sapphire glass
Key Features

Sapphire with high surface hardness.

Optical applications.
Infrared applications.
Optical instruments.


ITEM NO:Sapphire

Spectral Characteristics
corning egale2000,e2000,e2k,, 岳華展
Tave>82% @ 400-700nm
Physical Characteristics
0.6, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0mm
Square: 3*3 ~ 40*40mm
Round: 3 ~ 50mm
Resistant Temperature

Crystal system Trigonal
Chemical formula Aluminium Oxide, Al2O3
Other composition Na, Si, Ca, Fe, Ga, Mg, Ti, Mn, Pb, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr.
Specific gravity 3.99-3.98g/cm3
Melting point 2320K3
Softing point 2070K3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 6.2*10-6/K @ 300K3
9 (Mohs Scale of hardness)
Index (@589.3nm) 1.760 ~ 1.789
Electrical resistance 770K: 1011Ω.cm
1270K: 106Ω.cm
2270K: 103Ω.cm

Information and Notes

  • 1. Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (Al2O3).Because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires, sapphires are used in some non-ornamental applications, including infrared optical components, such as in scientific instruments; high-durability windows (also used in scientific instruments); wristwatch crystals; and very thin electronic wafers
  • 2. Other shapes, dimensions or thickness available. Glass Process.
  • 3. The transmittance curves are measurements at 0°of incidence angle.
  • 4. The transmittance curves are based on actual measurements and may be different with manufacturing lots.
  • 5. For more transmittance/lower reflection, consider Anti Reflection Coaitng.

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